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Major Funding
This exhibit was made possible by a Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) award from the National Center for Research Resources, a component of the National Institutes of Health.

Content and Project Advisors

  • Sandy Armstrong, University of Minnesota
  • Joanne Bartkus, Minnesota Department of Health
  • Dave Boxrud, Minnesota Department of Health
  • Craig Christianson, Minnesota Antibiotic Resistance Collaborative
  • Jill DeBoer, Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy
  • John Eyler, University of Minnesota
  • Jane Harper, Minnesota Department of Health
  • Michelle Hulse, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
  • William Hueston, University of Minnesota
  • Melissa Kemperman, Minnesota Department of Health
  • Fe Leano, Minnesota Department of Health
  • Ruth Lynfield, Minnesota Department of Health
  • David Neitzel, Minnesota Department of Health
  • Michael T. Osterholm, Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy
  • Jeff Payne, 3M Company
  • Timothy Schacker, University of Minnesota
  • Leslie Schiff, PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Kirk Smith, Minnesota Department of Health
  • William Stauffer, University of Minnesota
  • Jean Tushie, Eden Prairie High School
  • David Williams, Hennepin County Medical Center

Project Management

  • Laurie Fink
  • Lucinda Frantz

Exhibit Development

  • Adele Binning
  • Susan Fleming
  • Kathy Glover
  • Bryan Kennedy
  • Y. Reneé Mensing-Solick
  • Dana Schloss

Graphic Design

  • Christy Johnson

Graphic Production

  • Steve Dolan
  • Klark Eversman
  • Tim Motzko

Copy Editing

  • Eugene Dillenburg
  • Liza Pryor

Exhibition Design

  • Lonnie Broden
  • Cary Forss

Exhibit Multimedia

  • Joel Back
  • David Evans
  • Tom McFarland
  • Chach Sikes
  • Craig Thiesen

Exhibit Production

  • Shelly Campbell
  • Russ Durkee
  • Richard Gagnon
  • Paul Kern
  • Tobias Lawson
  • Ray Lindall
  • Tom Loddengaard
  • Patrick McCarthy
  • Devon Quick
  • Dan Smith
  • Daryl Smith
  • Charlie Wildenauer


  • Kirsten Ellenbogen
  • Amy Grack Nelson

Public Programs

  • Stephanie Long


  • Neil Howes
  • Ann T. Palmer
  • Jim Willmore

Division Management and Support

  • Cliff Athorn
  • Mark Dahlager
  • Pam Ebersole
  • Joseph Imholte
  • Beth Janetski
  • Sue Landers
  • Paul Martin
  • Kathy Smith
Science Museum of Minnesota
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