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Photo of Grady-Erickson
She leads when an epidemic strikes
During an infectious disease emergency, someone needs to coordinate the government response. That’'s where Onalee Grady-Erickson steps in as Infectious Disease Outbreak Program Coordinator at Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management. It’'s a rewarding career that brings together her science and health background with emergency management.

As a child, Onalee wanted to be a coroner. The TV characters such as Quincy, Kay Scarpetta and Tempe Brennen were her heroes. But she realized that type of work didn't really fit her outgoing personality. It took a long time for her to find her niche. Her advice to others interested in science and health care is to think outside the box and try different jobs. Don’'t stay if it doesn'’t fit. Sooner or later you will find your passion.
Photo courtesy Onalee Grady-Erickson
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