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Virtual Tour: The Case of the Unwelcome Visitor

Yolanda, born in West Africa, has been living in the United States for the past ten years. On a recent visit back home, she became very ill with recurring bouts of fever and chills, followed by severe fatigue. When Yolanda wasn't able to get out of bed, her parents took her to the local clinic.


Photo credit: Craig Thiesen
Explore the tools and techniques medical professionals use to observe Yolanda's symptoms and help figure out what's bugging her.


Photo credit: Craig Thiesen
Determine what microbe is making Yolanda sick.
Photo credit: Craig Thiesen
Examine some dangerous creepy-crawlies.
Photo credit: Ethan Lebovics
Find the microbe, vector and host required to spread each disease.


Photo credit: Craig Thiesen
Look for the source of Yolanda's illness.
Photo credit: Craig Thiesen
Hear stories of people's experiences with vector-borne diseases.

Answer Station

Photo credit: Craig Thiesen
Uncover the mystery of Yolanda's illness
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